The Swon Brothers released their new Timeless EP on Friday. Fans knew it was coming, but no release date was ever set for their first independent project, making the news something of a shock for those who've followed them since 2013.

Since midnight Friday (Jan. 29) Colton and Zach have been engaging fans on Twitter, talking about their favorite songs from the EP and thanking those who’ve bought it with a follow-back. Timeless is filled with soulful melodies on tracks like “Nobody” and “Throwback.” It’s a new direction for the sibling duo that first found fame after appearing on The Voice. The title track mentions Sam Cooke, while “You Got Somebody” leans hard into contemporary production techniques, adding to a more R&B-inspired mix. The shortform release is a much more dynamic collection of songs than their eponymous album on Arista Nashville.

Blake Shelton and Carrie Underwood are two artists who showed support on Twitter and Instagram. The Swons will actually tour with Underwood beginning Jan. 30. They’ve known her since before she was on American Idol. Zach Swon and Underwood actually went to college together, and he has fond memories of their study groups. They were both in a country music show the college put on, as well as a country music theater class.

Timeless is the Swon Brothers' first project on TSB Records, but two independent albums released prior to their record deal with Sony were released on the Swon Brothers Records. Earlier this month they told the Boot they were in no rush to release new music, instead wanting to make sure it was right. They did much more writing this time, having had more time and not feeling rushed to take advantage of time in the spotlight like they did after The Voice.

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