Have you ever wanted to take part in a chicken wing eating contest? Sylvan Beach is now granting that wish you've always had. 

Things will be heating up at Sunset Grill in Sylvan Beach on Saturday April 28th at 7PM. The concept, how many of these volcano wings can you eat in 15 minutes? 15 brave souls have signed up to destroy the competition.

Here is our lineup
1. Eddie Oakes
2. Joe Christofaro
3. Brandon Sims
4. Zack Detrick
5. Tom Astafan
6. Kelsi Worden
7. Badcat John Hoffert
8. Sal Piazza
9. Tim Abone
10. John Destito
11. Tino Emmanuele
12. Michael Agosto
13. Joe Wuest
14. Stephen L Swancott
15. Chris Uvanni

Come out and watch the battle play out with plenty of sweat, tears, and Pepto. The Sunset Grill Volcano Wing Challenge, hosted by The Empire Plate, will take place at the Sunset Grill 1319 Main Street in Sylvan Beach.

It appears the event has been filled, but you can check their Facebook page to see if they are taking anymore contestants.


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