A special moment between a soldier and a stranger has gone viral thanks to Sunny Sweeney. Sweeney saw the soldier, Michael Barth, who was waiting to board a plane. The random man walked up to say thank the soldier for his service and asked if he could pray for his safety.

Sweeney posted the special moment that made her tear up Instagram.

'I started crying just watching this nice end to a crappy day unfold on my 16 hour cross country flight. Americans never cease to amaze me. Beautiful.'

Barth discovered the photo on social media and writes, 'It was awesome that you took this picture. I honestly am a huge country music fan! I didn’t realize who you were! I’ll always remember you as the really nice lady at the airport. Thank you for the picture. I’ll never forget it.'

I doubt everyone else who saw the photo will forget it either or importance of what Michael does everyday. Thank you for your service sir. May you stay safe.

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