All you hear lately is how excited everyone is that the mask mandate has been lifted in New York State. There are some parents that have questions about how child care and summer camp programs are going to be affected by the new guidelines.

According to WGRZ, Governor Andrew Cuomo's office states that facilities and programs will be required to collect COVID-19 vaccination status and proof for both staff and children. The facilities will have to perform daily screenings of staff and visitors, this will also include daily temperature checks.

Here Are Some Of The Additional Safety Mesures Put In Place

This is a pretty standard procedure, but if a child or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the local health department must be notified immediately. Sites will be required to have in place a property-specific capacity limitation for children and campers to make sure that there is proper social distancing. Another measure is, staff members that are not fully vaccinated must socially distance themselves from other unvaccinated staff.

We are continuing to make incredible progress against COVID and lifting restrictions based on science and numbers, but we are not yet at the finished line. To help ensure maximum protection for staff and children at child care and camp programs, we are issuing this guidance so the facilities can implement basic but critical measures that will allow them to open safely.

said, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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In my opinion, if programs and child care facilities follow the guidelines, I think it should be safe to send kids to camps and daycare.

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