Have you seen the video on Tik Tok with an Onondaga County Sheriff's vehicle half frozen in ice that has gone viral? Here's the real story behind it.

Despite social media rumors, including the car becoming frozen after officers helped rescue someone who fell through the ice, the real story isn't as dramatic.

The frozen vehicle featured in the viral video is actually located on one of the Onondaga County Sheriff Department's training grounds. "It’s not in a lake," said a Sheriff's Department spokesperson. "It's in a quarry and the vehicle is an old totaled out one."

The car is used as a training prop for the Onondaga County Sheriff's Department Bomb squad.

The video starts with a woman sliding across the ice to the song 'Put Your Records On.' It then focuses on a young man, who slides out of the Onondaga County Sheriff's vehicle. It's actually really dumb and the two in the video, along with the one shooting it, are facing consequences for their actions. "The three individuals that were trespassing on the property to create the TikTok video are being dealt with," said the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office.

Names of the trespassers are not being released.

The TikTok video was originally posted by Ice_Ice_Garbageman. The account has been set to private but the video is being shared all over social media.

The Onondaga County Sheriff's Department training grounds are located on private property. Anyone found on the property will also face consequences for trespassing.

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