It's that time of year Stink Bugs are back and are rampant in Syracuse, Buffalo, the Finger Lakes and the Hudson Valley regions.

Peter Jentsch, director of the Hudson Valley Research Laboratory tells the Times Union, "The next six weeks are going to be mayhem."

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is originally from Asia. It was first detected in Pennsylvania in the mid-1990’s and quickly spread throughout the mid-Atlantic states. The pesky bugs feed on fruit and vegetable crops and invading homes in the fall to seek overwintering shelter.

Stink bugs stink! They emit odor when they’re scared, touched or squashed. So how do you get rid of them? Put a mixture of soap and water in a disposable aluminum pan. Shine a light on the water and hours later you’ll find all those stink bugs floating on the surface. Make sure any cracks in your home are sealed so they can't find their way in.

Cornell University has teamed up with USDA Entomologists to determine the location and population density of stink bugs. They've received 2000 reports from New York residents Jentsch tells the Times Union. Report any stink bugs you find at



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