The state worker who threatened a Delta flight attendant with her job may not have a job herself. Susan Peirez is suspended as director at the State Council on the Arts until an investigation into her actions on a flight from JFK to Syracuse is complete.

Peirez insisted on moving her seat away from a 'crying baby.' The flight attendant offered to put her on the next flight to which she replied 'I can't.' Peirez then threatened with 'you may not have a job tomorrow' when she couldn't move seats.

The flight attendant finally asked to have 'this passenger off the plane.'

“State employees are and must be held to the highest standard both professionally and personally,” Ronni Reich, director of public information for the Arts Council, said in a statement to New York Daily News.

"This employee has been removed from the office and placed on leave until further notice and until the inquiry is resolved.”

Delta also released a statement, standing by the flight attendant and her response to Peirez.

"We ask that customers embrace civility and respect one another when flying Delta,” the airline said. “This customer's behavior toward a fellow customer on a flight from New York to Syracuse was not in keeping with those standards. We appreciate our Endeavor Air flight attendant's commitment to Delta's core values and apologize to the other customers on board Flight 4017 who experienced the disturbance."

Marissa Rundell, the 19 year-old mother, posted the video on Facebook and it quickly went viral.


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