No need for long lines! Pretty soon you can get your coffee delivered to you without even lifting a finger.

It's a big year for Starbucks and their fans. The coffee chain is finalizing their partnership with DoorDash, offering door-to-door delivery services starting in March.

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It might surprise you Starbucks hasn't gotten into the coffee/food delivery business yet, but that's because that's not necessarily true. Thanks largely to the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has had an ongoing partnership with Uber Eats since 2020.

By adding yet another way to order their drinks, Starbucks hopes to increase their customer base even more than before. They have already tested DoorDash in Atlanta, Houston and Sacramento, even adding Seattle and New York City this past year.

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The plan is for Starbucks to expand their coverage with DoorDash over the next 2 months, eventually making their way to all 50 states this March.

Prices Only Getting Higher

The only problem with all of this, it's not like any of the prices are going to get any cheaper. Starbucks has been notorious for selling higher priced coffee, and inflation has only made things worse.

However, it hasn't seemed to stop their customers from coming back again for more. Their deliveries grew 20% year over year, with people spending twice as much online versus in-store. That's according to Brady Brewer, the Starbucks' Chief Marketing Officer.

Starbucks To Close All 379 Stores Of Its Struggling Teavana Chain
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So whether you're looking forward to getting your coffee delivered to your door or not, just know you'll be paying a pretty penny at Starbucks regardless.

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