On Instagram, Dierks Bentley decided to FaceTime with fan who called his voicemail line. One lucky fan from St. Johnsville got to FaceTime live with him.

Nicole from Montgomery County called the "Mountain Line" a couple of weeks ago and left a voicemail. On Thursday, while getting home from work, she got a missed FaceTime from a "DierksCallsFans" iCloud. Confused, she continued going about her day until the account called back and she didn't answer again.

He answered the phone (she put on pants) and they talked about his album, showed her around the studio, he talked about his mustache from doing something with his cover band Hot Country Knights the night before, and noticed the "Fiddle and Steel" shirt she was wearing from his fiddle player's brand. Nicole mentioned that she's going to all three of Dierks' New York concerts, making it 60 shows."

I guess it paid to call Dierks.



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