With the warmer weather we are getting in Central New York, it might get you thinking about ways to clean up your car or truck. We have some of the most important things to remember when it comes to cleaning. 

1) Carpeting: Use a damp towel, wash down the seats. Get rid of any rock salt debris, mud or dry dirt on the carpeting using a carpet-cleaning machine.

2) The Console: Wash the consoles carefully. Avoid getting electrical connections wet, but do wipe them down.

3) The Windows: After all that winter driving in snow and slush, the windows will need a bit of attention. Clean the inside and outside using a window cleaner. Shine them with a dry towel.

4) The Trunk: Check the trunk of the vehicle next. Clean out the wintertime mess from groceries, strollers, and other things getting crammed inside.

5) The Exterior: Make sure the first spring car wash is a thorough one that gets the winter grime out of cracks and under the edges.

LoveToKnow has a very long list of things to remember to clean and take care of. Also, stop into any Carbone dealership for any questions or concerns. We got you covered with these tips with the Carbone Commute.



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