There is not much time left to sponsor your flag to honor your veteran! The Good News Center is selling flag sponsorships to put up along the parkway. The money raised will be given to our heroes and their families. The flags that have already been sponsored are currently on display along the parkway in Utica and they look amazing.

These flags aren't small either! They are pretty big and you have the option of sponsoring a single flag or a portion of the field. Not only does this event give back to heroes in our community, but it also makes one of the areas of our city with the most traffic look incredible. Your support is truly appreciated. To still get your flag placed in the field for Veteran's Day, you have to get your flag orders in by early afternoon tomorrow (11/10). To sponsor a flag go to the Good News Center website or call them at 315-735-6210. Flags are $35 each.

Look How Good They Look!

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