So many people are visiting one New York Park the DEC is limiting access. Maybe it's the many waterfalls and hiking trails, but most likely it's the allure of The Peekamoose Blue Hole bringing everyone to the Sundown Wild Forest in the Catskills. To control the number of visitors, a "day use permit" will now be required on weekends and holidays.

The park near Grahamsville has become so crowded that Park Authorities are concerned about environmental damage to vegetation and soil erosion. The new no-cost permitting system will limit access to the Blue Hole area to a maximum of 240 on weekends and holidays, May 15 through October 15 each year.

Only 40 permits will be issued per day, each one allows up to 6 people including children into the park. Here comes the tricky part, permits have to be reserved at least 24 hours in advance, but you can't reserve them more than one-week ahead of your visit. Walk-in permits will not be available.

The DEC will be strictly enforcing the new policy with Rangers positioned at the Trailhead checking for permits, which must be kept on you at all times. You will also have to provide the names of everyone in your group before your visit too.

You can reserve a permit online or get more information from the Catskill Interpretive Center website or call (845) 688 - 3369. Never been to the Peekamoose/Sundown Wild Forest area? Check out some of the scenery in the pics below.


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