A snow plow overturned clearing roads after Winter Storm Harper. It happened in Montgomery County on Lighthall Road in Minden, New York Sunday afternoon.

Erin Smith who lives on the country line between Minden and Danube says the Town of Mindoen plow crossed into Danube to turn around when it went off the road. "My husband was out snow blowing our driveway when it happened. He and our 8 year-old son Connor walked over to check on the driver, who wasn't injured."

Connor has never seen a vehicle tip over before. He thought it was pretty cool, and he was happy the driver wasn't hurt."

Winter Storm Harper had emergency crews working overtime and it took several hours to get to the plow. "It was there until about 5pm," says Erin. "2 tow trucks came to pull it out and 1 state trooper."

Snow Plow Crash

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