Yes, apple picking is a classic fall activity and it definitely makes for cute, Insta-worthy shots of you and your significant other. But sometimes it's okay to just poke fun at the weird things we pay money to do, and that's why lots of upstate New Yorkers are loving this new skit from Saturday Night Live.

Two sisters, played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant, advertise their apple orchard Chickham's Apple Farm, which they say is "located in the part of New York state that has Confederate flags." It's a place where "for just $45, you can bring home $10 worth of apples."

Guest host Woody Harrelson played Hank in the SNL skit, "a troubled farmhand who came with the land." In the ad, he tells customers not only about the orchards, but also about the hay rides and petting zoo.

"We found some animals, and now they're in prison," Harrelson said.

Of course, they didn't miss the opportunity to take a stab at one of upstate New York's most famous fall treats.

"Don't pass up our cider donuts. They're donuts, but from yesterday," McKinnon and Bryant said.

As a huge sucker for all things fall, I find this video ridiculously relatable. Yes, we may spend way too much money going apple picking, but you bet I'll be heading out to the countrysides of upstate New York to do all of the cute, fall things this season.


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