There's a place in New York you can actually get a snake massage....if you dare.

Serpentessa is based in the Hudson Valley and has been making national headlines for her unconventional approach to massage. The self-proclaimed "snake goddess" doesn't use oils or hot stones. Instead, her boa constrictors massage her clients.

Videos of Serpentessa and her snakes have gone viral, becoming the topic of conversation on shows like The View and Entertainment Tonight. The New York Times, People and Us Weekly have all written about this eccentric massage.

According to Serpentessa, she cannot guide the snakes during their massage session. They choose their own path, slithering around her client's arms, face and even their neck. During an interview with CBS New York last year, Serpentessa said in her 25 years of giving snake massages no one has ever been injured by the reptiles.

Serpentessa travels throughout the country, offering her snakes for private and group massage sessions. New York residents, however, can experience snake massages on Saturdays at Serpentessa's home base in New Paltz. One hour sessions cost $297.

Oh HELL NO and it has nothing to do with the cost! The point of a massage is to relax. Having snakes slithering all over my body DOES NOT sound relaxing.....AT ALL.

If you're interested, get more details about all of the massage services offered on Serpentessa's website.

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