The Top 10 took on songs from Billy Joel on American Idol. There were not one but two standing ovations. Who stood out last night?

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    Skylar Laine


    Country girl Skylar Laine made the obvious choice to sing 'Shameless.' Honestly, I didn't realize it was a Billy Joel song. I thought it was always a Garth Brooks tune. Randy Jackson was a little confused too,thinking Brad Paisley sang the song. Although Skylar did a good job, she wasn't great. I'm worried she may be in the bottom 3 this week. Lets hope her country fans voted, and voted, and voted.

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    Elise Testone


    Elise Testone choose 'Vienna,' a song mentor Jimmy Iovine was worried would hurt her, since it wasn't recognizable. Turns out he had nothing to worry about since she received a standing ovation from the crowd and the judges. Even if you hadn't heard the song before, her version should make you a fan. I don't think she'll have any worries about going home this week.

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    Phillip Phillips

    Movin Out

    Phillip Phillips marches to the beat of his own drum. His mentors told him to avoid hiding behind his guitar and his stylist advised him to avoid wearing grey. Phillip put his own spin on 'Movin' Out' with his guitar, while wearing not one, but two grey shirts. The crowd loved it. The judges loved it. I loved it. Phillip is likely also sail through to next week.

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    Heejun Han

    My Life

    Heejun Han may not be the best singer in the competition this year but he's the funniest. He provided a very entertaining version of 'My Life,' with dancing and all. The question now is, how far will his humor carry him?

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    Jessica Sanchez

    Everybody Has a Dream

    Jessica Sanchez continues to amaze...everyone. She blew everyone away with Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You.' Now she took a song I'd never heard of, 'Everybody Had a Dream,' and blew it out of the park. Jessica may be your American Idol this year. She can sing anything and sing it better than most people who have graced the Idol stage.

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    Colton Dixon

    Piano Man

    If you're an American Idol and Colton Dixon fan, you just knew he'd choose 'Piano Man.' Not only did he put his own spin on the song, he did it while playing a red piano. Colton should be safe this week too.

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    Erika Van Pelt

    New York State of Mind

    Erika Van Pelt not only sounded her best during Billy Joel night, she also looked her best. She cut off her blond locks and dyed it black making her look like a new person.

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