Happy September! This month is great for many different reasons: the start of football, the possible start of cooler weather, it's my birthday month, and FALL.

The first day of Fall falls on September 22. Although that is a significant amount of time away, it's something to look forward to. And, now that we're in September, more fun fall experiences are starting to open for the season.

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Apple orchards, pumpkin farms - it's all part of fall. Going apple picking, slurping down tons of apple cider or pumpkin spice lattes, grabbing pumpkins to start carving, and more. Although many prefer to do this in the month of October, September is a great way to get a head start on fall if you love it just as much as I do.

Another thing that makes fall that much better is apple cider donuts, and I can agree with Spoon University when they explain what makes apple cider donuts so great:

A good apple cider donut is served immediately while it's still warm and fresh. The outside is slightly crispy, not greasy or soggy, and the inside is soft, cakey, and light. They're sweet, but the flavor is more complex than simply sugar. They combine your favorite parts of fall pies, drinks, and fruits all into one little heavenly donut.

Okay, my mouth is watering and immediately I am craving an apple cider donut.

We reached out to the 315 Menus Facebook community to ask the question, and they came in clutch providing allllll the spots. We're here to give you the best six spots (not in any particular order.)

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Well, alas, we found out that information. We reached out to the 315 Menus Facebook community to ask the question, and they came in clutch providing allllll the spots. Which ones have you tried - and which ones are on your to-go-buy list?

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A post on the 315 Menus Facebook Group caught our attention. Here's the top choices from that post to consider. If you have others you think we should add, consider texting us on our app.

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