First, it was the 9-foot skeleton from Home Depot at Halloween, now the new hot item from Home Depot is their huge 7-foot bear statues.

Bear sightings have been on the rise across CNY. Several "doorbell" videos show black bears getting into people's trash, bird feeders, and even jumping into a hot tub.

Since I moved two years ago I saw one very large black bear run across the road in front of my Jeep while driving to the station one morning. Let me tell you I didn't need coffee that morning. When a huge bear darts out in front of you your heart rate is going to skyrocket...and you're going to say some words that I'm not allowed to say on the radio.

My second bear sighting was in our front yard when a mama black bear and a couple of cubs decided to take a shortcut across our driveway on the way to the woods behind our house.

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Now if you're not lucky enough to have a bear sighting of your own...or if you just want to freak out your neighbors, The Home Depot has just what you need.

They are selling a huge, 7-foot tall bear that you can put in your front yard, in your garden, in your living room, or hide it in the woods to freak out hikers. It's available in Black Bear, Brown Bear, and Polar Bear that's perfect for our long winters.

On the Home Depot website, it's described as, "This large-scale, display-quality animal sculpture transforms any home, garden, restaurant or hotel into something truly magnificent". Well, it should be something magnificent since it's going to set you back about $4,100! Of course, you could make payments on your big bear to the tune of $692 a month.

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