Got a great meat product, but nobody knows about it? Here's your chance to show it off. Cornell Cooperative Extension and North Star Orchards are hosting a Taste of Central New York Meat and Greet. And it's inexpensive to share your goods.

Similar to an event the two organizations hosted last fall, this one will focus solely on locally raised and produced meats. There is no fee to participate, just a donation of 10 pounds of your product is required. You get a spot at the event to market and sell meats and your donation will be grilled by a chef and used to offer free samples to attendees. All meat for sampling and sale must be processed under USDA inspection.

The Taste of Central NY Meat and Greet is July 24 from 4 p.m. to 7 p. m. at North Star Orchards on Rt 233 in Westmoreland. You'll need to provide your own tent, table, and chairs. Get more information and register at CCE's website or contact Marylynn Collins (315) 736-3394 Ext. 132 or

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