A bill being sponsored in Albany would lower the rifle/shotgun hunting age to 12 in New York.

The bill - which was passed by the State Senate and now heads to the Assembly for a vote - would allow children age 12 to use a gun to hunt deer.

Of course the kids would still have to be supervised by an adult, and follow all the NYS DEC laws.

Right now the law requires children to be 14 years-old before using a firearm to hunt deer and large game. Children under 14 can still hunt deer, but only with a bow under current New York State law.

Of course as with any new law some will be for it and some against.

Some of the arguments for the change center around the declining interest in hunting in NY, and the idea that properly educated hunters will preserve the tradition.

On the other side are animal rights activists and gun-control supporters who don't want to see the number of gun-related accidents increase, especially when young children are involved.

What do you think of the potential age change?

You can read the whole bill (if you don't mind sorting through legal mumbo-jumbo) at NYSenate.gov.


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