A shook up Rome mother is warning parents to be present after claiming she and her son were followed while shopping.

Corina Marie Trento says she and her son Roman were followed around the Rome Wal-Mart Sunday afternoon. "At first I thought maybe it was just a coincidence that we were in the same aisles." But by the third aisle, Trento started to worry. "He followed us for probably a good 15-20 minutes while we shopped. It wasn't just a coincidence. I know in my heart it wasn't."

Motherly instinct kicked in. Trento told her son to stay close and said aloud "daddy should be finding us any minute now," so the mystery man wouldn't think they were on their own.

When Trento announced they were heading to the toy aisle and saw the man standing there, she ran. "I grabbed Roman and found the closest worker. I broke down and questioned whether I was just being paranoid and they assured me I did the right thing."

While one security guy stayed with Trento and her son, the other went to find the guy. "He was still in the toy aisle and made a beeline for the front doors and left," shared Trento.

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Trento says the authorities were notified and they have a surveillance photo of the man.

Dakota N Tanya Ervin works at the Rome Walmart and says this is not the first time this has happened. "I stopped a guy from following a young woman and her daughter last year. If anyone feels uncomfortable just please find an employee. It's better to be safe then sorry."

Trento wants to thank the security guards who stayed with her while she and her son finished shopping. They even walked them to their car. "They continued to reassure me and told me the next time I come to Wal-Mart, someone will walk with me while I shop and walk me to my car. They were absolutely wonderful."

The shock is slowly wearing off. " I'm still shook up about it," said Trento. "I never thought this would happen to me, in a million years."

Now that it has happened, Trento is warning others. "All I want is for us as parents to be more present. Put the phone down, watch your children closely. The world we live in is cruel and there are some horrible people out there. Be safe."

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