If you use an antenna to watch TV currently in the Syracuse area, some of your stations will soon disappear.

Syracuse.com reports that The Federal Communications Commission is requiring 987 stations nationwide, including 11 in the Syracuse area, to change their broadcast frequencies.

The reason? New, faster mobile networks -- including 5G, the fifth generation cellular network technology -- are going to need the upper part of the 600MHz frequency. So, the FCC has ordered televisions stations using those frequencies to switch to the lower part of the band."

To keep seeing the stations, you will need to rescan your channels. Here's the list and when the date of flip will take place:

These Syracuse-area stations must change frequencies by August 2nd 2019 (those with the “TV” designation are full-power stations and those with a “CD” designation are low-power stations):

WSPX-TV (Ch56)
WTVU-CD (Ch22)
WTKO-CD (Ch36)

These Syracuse-area stations must change frequencies by March 13th 2020:

WNYS-TV (Ch43)
WIXT-CD (Ch40)
WHSU-CD (Ch51)
WONO-CD (Ch34)

Happy TV viewing.

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