It looks like "Sesame Street" will be getting a new TV address for it's next five seasons; HBO. 

The New York Times reports "Sesame Street" will now produce 35 new episodes each year, up from the 18 it currently produces. According to, the new episodes will be shortened to just 30 minutes long. The trimmed down episodes will begin airing November 16th. Fans of Sesame Street on PBS will continue to enjoy the show, however, it'll take longer for you to catch up on new episodes.

"Sesame Street" will still air on PBS as it has for the past 45 years, but new episodes will arrive there nine months after they show exclusively on HBO. Older PBS episodes will be trimmed to the new half-hour format as well, edited in new ways from the past several seasons."

Stay tuned for new episodes, and also a new series. A new spinoff series based on "Sesame Street" characters will hit the airwaves soon.

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