Last night's Powerball lottery was worth $310 million. That's a pretty big chunk of cash. What were the winning numbers?

The winning numbers were: 21, 39, 40, 55 and 59. The Powerball was 17. Powerplay: 3x

According to Mlive, there was one ticket sold that matched all 5 white powerballs and the red powerball number and won the top prize. The identity of the person who purchased the ticket is still unknown, but we do know it wasn't purchased in New York. It was purchased at a gas station in Michigan.

Four other ticket holders matched 5 numbers, which paid $1 million. Those tickets were purchased in California, Conneticut, Nebraska and Wisconsin. One player from Rhode Island also matched 5 numbers with Power Play, which paid $2 million."

I guess there is always next time!


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