Send us your snow and we'll send you to FrogFest.

When Mother Nature gives you snow....lots and lots of snow, make memories - and then share those memories with us. We want to see the best of Winter Storm Harper. Whether it's the piles of snow, the Winter Wonderland beauty or the aggravation of dealing with it all, we want to see it.

Send your best photo or video by filling out the form below or through the Big Frog 104 app. Tell us a little about your entry - where it was taken, what you were doing and who took the photo/video. The best will get tickets to FrogFest 2019 at the Utica/Rome Speedway to stop thinking about Winter and focus on Summer.

*Photo/video submission MUST have approval from the original source. All entries must be received NO LATER than Tuesday, January 22 at 5am.

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