Have you ever tailgated someone trying to read the sign in the rear window? I noticed the car at the intersection Oriskany Boulevard and Mohawk Street in Whitesboro. I knew it said something about "a man in a helmet defending our country," but couldn't make out the rest. I'm so glad I pursued the vehicle and met the owner, because a truer message may not be on any car in CNY.


The sign, created by John Brood of Whitesboro, read:  "I think a man with a helmet defending our country should make more money than a man with a helmet defending a football."

Polly and I couldn't agree more. There should be no higher paid person in America than anyone who stands in front of a bullet to defend our country. That's why we try to thank the men and women in uniform whenever we can.  Whether it's a handshake and a 'thank you for your service,' or buying a meal. Just the other day, Polly noticed a line of men at the New Hartford Moe's, getting lunch. The least she could do was pick up their tab.

It was hard to say who it meant more to; the men who were in town for training at the old airfield in Oriskany or Polly.

Do you think our men and women in uniform are underpaid? How do you show your support for our troops?

Saluting our Soldiers

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