If you were up early enough you may have seen a picturesque partial solar eclipse to kick off the day.

The Sun came up over Northeast U.S. looking like a crescent Moon. A little farther north, in Ontario, Canada a “ring of fire” eclipse, where the Moon slips perfectly across the Sun to leave a ring or annulus around the Moon, could be seen.

A Sunrise coinciding with the peak of a solar eclipse is a rather rare occurrence. It has only happened twice in New York in the last 150 years - September 1875 and October 1959.

If you missed the rare eclipse because you weren't up that early, or like us, had a tree in your way, here's some stunning shots Central New Yorkers took from Utica to Syracuse.

Rare Picturesque Partial Sunrise Eclipse Over Central New York

If you missed the rare sunrise eclipse, take a look a stunning photos from around Central New York.

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