You know you're good when you can amaze Simon Cowell. And 25 year-old Magician, Steven Brundage of Saratoga Springs is good. His Rubik's Cube tricks on 'America's Got Talent' left Cowell speechless.

"The act I do, I'm the only person in the world that does it," Brundage told the AGT judges before asking Cowell to mix up the Rubik's Cube that he put in a brown paper bag. When it came back out, it was back to perfect colors on all sides.

If that wasn't fascinating enough, Brundage took another solid cube, mixed it up to match Cowell's cube on all sides. "How the hell did you do that. You are a wizard. There's no other explanation for that. That was unbelievable," said Cowell.

Brundage, who was voted least likely to succeed in high school, received four yeses and will move on to the next round. Take that high school!

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