Halloween is about ghost, goblins and scary decorations. But how far is too far? A Halloween display at one New York amusement park caused so much controversy it was taken down.

A projector shows a man hanging himself in a house window at Fantasy Island in Grand Island, New York. It was part of ‘Halloween Horror‘ at the park that some think is "inappropriate, horrific, disturbing and shocking." Others feel it's 'cool' and just 'a part of Halloween.'

The complaints were enough for the amusement park to take the display down and release a statement to WKBW.

“Our intent with Halloween Horror is to entertain visitors in a safe environment. When it was brought to our attention some guests viewed a scene as insensitive, we re-evaluated the scene and have since removed it. The scene occurred only during the nighttime potion of the event, not during the family-friendly day time portion.”

WARNING: Some may find the video disturbing.

This isn't the first Halloween display to get complaints. A man seen hanging outside a home in West Utica has also caused controversy. But the owner didn't his display down.

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