At Big Frog 104, many of us participate in a "Secret Santa" gift exchange with co-workers during the holidays. In many cases, when you you join in a workplace gift exchange, there's a $10 or $15 limit so you don't go broke. So, what are some gift ideas for that colleague? (Re-gifting may be a bit tacky on this, especially if you recycle that fruit cake your Aunt Jenny gave you),

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

First, it's a good idea to ask your co-workers about the person you're buying for. Does he/she like books, music, jelly-of-the-month clubs (That's the gift that keeps on giving, Clark), or whatever? If they're no help, here are some ideas you might consider for your "Secret Santa" gift (under $10) that won't break the bank.

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1. Trivia books

2. Santa Claus tree ornament

3. Word puzzles

4. Fast food restaurant gift card

5. Holiday coffee mugs

6. 2013 calendar

7. Picture frame

For more ideas, click here.

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