Tired of the hustle and bustle? Get away from it all at a secluded mountain top home, that sits on over 1,1000 acres at a private retreat in the Adirondacks.

Bassett Mountain, the home of the former Paleface Mountain Ski Area, has been transformed into a private property complete with a 4-story mountaintop estate home, a separate base lodge with several bedrooms, office space, indoor pool, and miles of trails in the very heart of the Adirondack High Peaks. And it's up for sale.

The 1,140-acre estate boasts two mountain tops with spectacular 360-degree views to Whiteface Mountain and the surrounding high peaks, well-kept pristine forests, alpine trails suitable for hiking, running, cross-country skiing, 4-wheeling, or snowmobiling. There's enough room to do anything your outdoor-loving heart desires. And with all that open space, you could even do it naked if you wanted with no one around for miles to see it.

The property is very private and secluded, but it's close enough to Lake Placid, New York for when you're missing the company of other people or just want to enjoy life on the town.

This home is located at 6394 Route 86 in Jay, New York, and is currently on the market for a mere $6.95 million. A steal for all that privacy and beauty Mother Nature surrounds it with.

See inside the mountain top estate, base lodge, and look at all the Adirondack scenery everywhere you turn.

Secluded Mountain Top Home in Private Adirondack Retreat For Sale

Step inside secluded mountain top estate, that sits on more than 1,000 acres in the Adirondacks.

Check Out This Incredible $1.2 Million Dollar Home Right On Oneida Lake

Located in Cicero, this home will amaze you around every corner. Its most incredible feature happens to be the land it is on. This home will give you amazing views of Oneida Lake. Yeah, it has quite the price tag on it. For $1,170,000, it does seem worth it.

This home has a wide-open floor plan with a gigantic living room and eat-in kitchen right off of it. It also features 4 bedrooms along with 3 bathrooms. The total livable space is around 5,500 square feet. On top of that, you get a three-car garage leaving you plenty of room for storage.

You could own this literal and real-life dream home that offers very elegant design cues like barn doors into one of the bedrooms, and including an overview of the living area from the second floor.

Sometimes you'll get a house like this and assume it is all house but then the back yard is microscopic. Not here. This yard will wow all of your guests at parties and prove the home worth as those parties can be close to the house, or lakeside. Plus, being in Cicero, you're close to all of the action and central to most things in Central New York.

Just picture yourself in this home, it's easy to do that. Even if you can't afford it, we all can dream. This house is what dreams are made of.

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