Planning to grill for the 4th of July? While gas grills, portable fire pits, and patio heaters make outdoor spaces comfortable and fun places to gather it’s important that they are used properly. Here's a few tips from the New York Propane Gas Association on how to properly ventilate your propane grill. 

1) Always keep the lid open when lighting your grill. Don't close it until you are sure the grill is lit.

2) Keep the grill in a well-ventilated outdoor area, at least ten feet away from the house—and at least three feet away from trees and shrubs.

3) Never cover the bottom of the grill with foil - it can restrict air circulation.

4) Always use and store propane cylinders outdoors in an upright position.

5) After filling or exchanging a cylinder, take it home immediately. While transporting the cylinder, keep your vehicle ventilated and the valve closed or capped. Do not leave the cylinder in your vehicle.

You can find more tips and tricks here.


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