Today is your last day to travel on the Route 8 bridge over Genny as it closes tomorrow for a five-day overhaul. It'll only be closed through Tuesday, but if you live or work in the New Hartford area or need to get through, you'll need a little forethought and extra time to avoid frustration. Here's some detour suggestions to help you plan your week...

Traveling on Genesee...

  • For Genesee St. S - Take on-ramp to 8N, take Utica exit to Genny
  • For Genesee St. N - From the Village of New Hartford, take Campion Rd. to the Arterial, then Burrstone Rd exit to Genny.
  • - From Rte 8S take ramp to the Arterial, Burrstone Road exit to Genny.

Traveling on Route 8...

  • For Rte 8N - Take off-ramp to Genesee St., then hop right back on.
  • For Rte 8S - From Route 8S take off-ramp to Campion Road. Stay straight until Kellogg Road, then jump on Route 8S ramp from there.
  • - From Rte 12S to Genesee St., take Genny at the Yahnundasis to Oxford Rd., Oxford to Kellogg, Kellogg to Route 8S ramp.

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