Love them or hate them the 2014 Dodge Durango commercials featuring Ron Burgundy--also know as Will Ferrell--of "Anchorman" fame have resulted in an incredible increase in sales. Just how incredible?

Advertising Age recently reported on the effectiveness of the ads.

Sales of the re-engineered Durango climbed 59% in October to 5,120 units and are up 50% for the year. analyst Michelle Krebs said shopping for the Durango "soared on after the ads launched" on Oct. 5. Dodge brand boss Tim Kuniskis said: "We've seen almost an 80 percent increase in Web traffic alone since the campaign launched."

via Dodge: Ron Burgundy Boosting Sales for Durango | News - Advertising Age.

There are reportedly some 70 spots all told that can be rolled out over the next few weeks although that total will be winnowed down to closer to 25. The ad campaign is not only great PR for Dodge but a super promotional tool for the upcoming Ron Burgundy movie "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" due in theaters December 20. Check out this Dodge Durango spot and see if it makes you want to run right out and buy a new ride! Then check out the latest trailer for the film. (You can drive your new Durango to the theater).