It's a wonderful life for more than 30 kids in Central New York thanks to the generosity of one Rome woman who is paying it forward after a stranger helped her at Christmas last year.

Holly Knapp started giving back after a stranger helped her last Christmas when she was having a hard time. "It was the sweetest thing and all she wanted me to do was pay it forward."

Pay it forward she did and thanks to the generosity of friends, family and strangers, 35 kids in Rome, Utica and Oneida won't go without Christmas morning. "That's sad. I couldn't let that happen," Holly says.

A friend helped deliver the gifts and Holly says "everybody is just overwhelmed with joy. I'm so thankful everyone came together this year."

It's hard to say who is more affected by the outpouring of support, Holly or the kids. "I hope it's the kids," says Holly. "I can't wait for them to wake up Christmas morning."

Holly plans to keep paying it forward and hopes will join her mission to give back. "I hope it gets bigger and better from here."

If you want to help Holly you can send her a Facebook message or join the PayingItForword Facebook page.


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