A Rome woman is giving thieves the chance to right a wrong. Two men stole her and her neighbors American Flag and she just wants them back.

"To the two white male young adults that stole my American flag and my neighbor's flag last Sunday morning June 18th at 1:38 a.m. on Oakwood Street. Yes I know the exact time because I have it on video. You have 24 hours to come forward to return my flag so I can properly dispose of I," writes Cari on Facebook.

Returning the flags isn't Cari's only request. She wants an apology. Not for herself. For her veteran neighbor. "Please apologize to my neighbor, whom happens to be a combat veteran, before I go to the police and file a report and make the video public. This is your last chance for you come forward."

If the guys return the stolen flags, Cari says she'll forgive and forget. "I know everyone makes mistakes and poor decisions and I will keep it private and civil."


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