A Rome teen is learning how to do everything for himself all over again after battling a brain tumor. But he's thankful and giving back to the hospital that gave him a new lease on life.

14 year-old Nicholas Calandra was diagnosed with a brain tumor in March. He underwent a 9 and a half hour operation to have it removed. "Unfortunately they couldn't get it all out without causing permanent damage," says Nicholas' aunt Karissa Tibbits. "When he woke up he was paralyzed on his right side but he started to gain it back after a few days."

The road to recovery wasn't an easy one for Calandra who had to learn how to do everything all over again. "He's doing very well today after months of therapy," says Tibbits. And it's all thanks to Golisano Children's Hospital in Syracuse.

Calandra and Tibbits teamed up to give back to the hospital that gave Calandra back his life, selling t-shirts. "We donated $3,340 to the Golisano Children's Hospital that was beyond amazing to us," says Tibbits. "This was something very small to say thank you," says Tibbits.

We say thank you for giving back. Calandra and Tibbits are our 'Hometown Heroes' for their generous donation along with everyone at the Golisano Children's Hospital for helping save Nicholas.

If you know someone who should be recognized as a Hometown Hero for their random  act of kindness, email Polly@bigfrog104.com.

Photo Credit: Karissa Tibbits/TSM
Photo Credit: Karissa Tibbits/TSM


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