A dog left behind with nothing more than a blanket and a pile of food has a new home.

Nick Camadine of Rome rescued the dog after finding it abandoned at the fish hatchery.  "I went fishing and caught a dog," said Camadine.

Camadine found the dog left behind with a blanket and a pile of dog food.

Photo Credit - Nick Camadine

Camadine believes it's the same dog that went viral in January. "He also was left in a back of a truck in the freezing cold from what I gather through the messages I received," said Camadine.

A photo of a puppy left alone in truck bed on a frigid winter day went viral after Kira Myers and her manager at Sally Beauty Supply found it in Rome.

18 year-old Matt Capoccetta and his girlfriend Brittany owned the dog and claimed they didn't leave him long. "We were only in the store for 5 to 10 minutes."

Myers said the puppy was outside for at least a half hour when the temperatures were in the single digits with wind chills making it feel like -5.

Photo Credit - Kira Myers

Camadine reached out to Capoccetta, asking about the dog. "He said he sold the dog to someone walking down the road."

The authorities have been notified. "I was in contact with the Rome dog warden and the ASPCA," said Camadine. "They took all the info and told me I could keep him or bring him to the pound. I couldn't take him to the pound."

Camadine plans on taking the dog, that he's calling Buddy, to the vet this week and he's already been to the groomer and is getting lots of pampering. "He no longer needs to have a crappy life."

Photo Credit - Nick Camadine

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