What started as a simple idea to send pizzas to health care workers in Rome has turned into a movement thanks to generosity of the community.

Like most people, Julie Summa has lots of time on her hands while quarantined at home. "I was talking with my mom and my son about how awful I feel for the hospital workers as well as my friends in the restaurant business that are hurting."

The staff at Rome hospital holds a special place in Julie's heart. "They were so wonderful to my family over the past few years as we were supporting my grandmother who had Alzheimers and dementia. Every single one of them, from the transporters, to the nurses, aides and doctors treated her and my family with such respect. Some even came to her funeral when she passed away in December."

Those same transporters, nurses, aides and doctors are now risking their own health as well as their families. "I just wanted to show them the community appreciates them," says Julie.

She threw a post on Facebook to see if anyone wanted to help donate so they could send pizzas. Within a few hours, Julie raised almost $1000. "As of right now we have crossed the $2000 mark and we plan to support every floor and wing at Rome hospital as well as the staff that largely may go unnoticed; the materials management, the IT department, the maintenance staff, as well as local fire and police departments and as many local restaurants as we can. We need to make sure when this is over, the small restaurants will be able to re-open."

The staff at Rome Hospital appreciates the community support and is looking forward to enjoying a meal while supporting local restaurants.

If you want to join the cause, you can donate on Venmo to @julie-summa or Paypal at juliesumma7@gmail.com. Want more information, contact Julie on Facebook.

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