Out of the top 50 richest counties in New York State, here is where the CNY counties rank.

Is Central New York Rich?

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That is a tough question to answer. In comparison to some regions of the state, Central New York doesn't do too bad. Stacker put out a list, but they didn't rank every county in New York. Instead, they only compared the top 50.

How Many Counties Are In New York?

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Quite a lot, we actually have 62 counties in total.

Which County Is The Richest In The Empire State?

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Even though below you can see which counties are the richest in Central New York, wouldn't you like to know which New York county is indeed the richest?

If so, here are the top five in New York State.

  1. Nassau County
  2. Putnam County
  3. Suffolk County
  4. Westchester County
  5. Rockland County
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Notice a trend? They all are downstate, close to New York City.

How Exactly Can You Know Which County Is Richest?

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When Stacker compiled their information, they really compared some basic figures. Those figures consist of how much income residents of the county make, then they find the median. They even compare the figures on a national level.

Let's look at Nassau County for example:

  • The median household income is $116,100
  • 56.6% of homes earn over $100,000 a year
  • 4.8% earn under $15k yearly.

Get Ready To See The Central NY Counties

With those being the figures for the most well-off county in New York State, where do you think seven counties in Central New York rank? Keep scrolling down and take a look, maybe you're living in a pretty ritzy county.

The Richest Counties In Central New York

Overall, in Central New York, our best county in terms of being rich hit #19 overall according to Stacker. Scroll down to see which one came in at that ranking, and see where your county ranks too.

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Which counties across the state are the worst?

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