Some people really did go to greater heights to help their neighbors in Central New York.

Greater Heights Tree Care came to the rescue to help Lorrie Foss and her family in Oriskany, New York after their cat ran up a tree and stayed there for several days.

Neighbors Try to Coax Kitty Down

Neighbors tried everything they could think of to coax the kitty down but it refused to budge.

Four days later, in came the tree company with their bucket truck..

Thank you to this amazing tree company for saving my grandson's cat from the tree.

It looks like trees aren't the only thing this company goes to greater heights to take care of. Well done!

Credit - Lorrie Foss/Facebook
Credit - Lorrie Foss/Facebook

Cats in Westmoreland Trees

What's with cats in trees? A few weeks ago the Westmoreland Fire Chief and Volunteer Firemen helped rescue another cat stuck in a tree, which is a first for the department.

Despite all the jokes, firefighters don't usually rescue cats from trees. It takes them away from emergency calls that may come into the station.

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Luckily this cat, named Pippin, was only stuck for nearly 24 hours instead of 96.

DEC Rescues 7 Animals in 20 Days

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation rescues humans lost or hurt while hiking, boating or just enjoying the great outdoors. But they also rescue the animals that call the outdoors home. Officers have rescued 7 animals in the last 20 days alone.

New York State Police Rescue More Than Humans

New York State Police rescue more than humans. They help save defenseless animals too.

Five Animal Rescues Made by New York Conservation Officers in One Week

Officers rescue a fawn, a family of ducks, a year old bear, and an injured bald eagle

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