A Remington Arms employee has contracted the coronavirus.

Employees at Remington Arms in Ilion found out a worker contracted COVID-19 via a letter on April 12.

Everyone who came into contact with the person is not due back at work until they have finished their 2-week self-quarantine on April 21.  Management asks that no one discloses the identity of the person infected.

WKTV provides a copy of the letter that reads:

Dear Remington Employee,

On Saturday, April 11, 2020, the New York State and County Governments notified Remington that one of its employees from its plant in Ilion, NY tested positive for COVID-19.

Other employees who might have been exposed to the affected employee were identified. Those employees will not come to the Ilion plant until April 21, which is fourteen days after the date of exposure.

If you happen to become aware of the identity of the affected employee, please do not disclose that individual's identity to anyone else.

As a reminder, please continue to wash your hands and take the appropriate precautionary measures. If you are not feeling well, please stay home.

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