What could be so important, that makes one driver in Rome think that it's safe to pass a school bus full of kids, in town? The reckless driver was caught on video and has sparked outrage.

Kim and Emmanuel Clothakis caught the impatient driver trying to pass a Rome school  bus, even with double yellow lines on the road. "The car started to pass us and the bus but the bus put the yellow lights on to stop in front of a house so the car pulled in between us and the bus," says Kim who started recording when the bus started moving again. "The person in the car kept pulling out into the oncoming lane to see if they could pass even though there was sometimes a double yellow line."

The Clothakis' were so concerned for the kid's safety they wanted to get it all on video. "I told my husband they were going to do something stupid so I started recording."

The video Kim posted on Facebook, has sparked outrage and has been sent to the Rome Police Department, but unfortunately there's not much that can be done. "We've seen the video and would love to act on it, but if this doesn't happen in an officer's presence, there's not much we can do. The best way to get something done, instead of reaching for your phone to record, call 9-1-1."

It's only illegal if drivers pass a stopped school bus with it's red lights flashingIt's just recklessness to try and pass a school bus in town at a red light. Thankfully the light turned green just in time to avoid a disaster.

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