The Syracuse Christmas tree is going viral for not one but two reasons.

There's lots of talk about this year's Christmas tree in Clinton Square. It seems some people are upset because it's not real. "There's something holistic about finding a big, majestic pine tree and lighting that up," said Theméme Cätcher. "This metal cutout we call a tree is just to save money and with everything this city wastes money on, putting up a natural tree and lighting it should be one of those expenses.

Mother Nature didn't stop the community from packing into Clinton Square to see the official Christmas tree lighting even if it was artificial.

The real snow did provide a perfect backdrop for photos of the 42 foot fake tree and one has even gone viral. Humans of Syracuse, shared a shot on their Facebook page with the caption "Keeping it real Syracuse." But the comment wasn't a shot AT the tree. "I wasn’t consciously taking a dig at the fake tree. I was referring to the bitterly cold, gusty snow."

Credit - Humans of Syracuse
Credit - Humans of Syracuse

People have strong feelings about the artificial tree this year. "It's not the massive, oversized, brag about in an awkward way tree we used to have."

That brag about tree went viral in 2016.

Photo Credit - Jody Grenier
Photo Credit - Jody Grenier

Ashley Maready doesn't have a problem with this year's tree. "Why should we be killing a real tree for decoration," she asked.

The city switched from a real to an artificial tree in 2019. And an artificial one is better than no tree at all.

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