Have you seen the disturbing video of a passenger being forcibly dragged off a United Airlines flight?

Audra D. Bridges was on the flight and posted the video to Facebook "United airlines verbooked the flight. They randomly selected people to kick off so their crew could have a seat. This man is a doctor and has to be at the hospital in the morning. He did not want to get off. We are all shaky and so disgusted."

You may be disgusted too after watching how this passenger was treated.

Since the flight was overbooked, the airline needed the seats for crew members. When no one volunteered to get off the plane, passengers were chosen at random.

Another passenger tweeted more details, saying the man "ran back on to the plane covered in blood. I wonder if he did not have a concussion at this point. They kicked everybody off the plane to get him off a second time and clean the blood.

United CEO responded on Twitter.

Employees received a letter from the United CEO, obtained by CNBC that said they "followed established procedures." The passenger was described as "disruptive and belligerent" and crew members "were left with no choice but to call Chicago Aviation Security Officers to assist in removing the customer from the flight."

Since when is violently dragging a passenger with blood on his face "re-accommodating customers?" If that's "established procedures" for United, they may want to reconsider new procedures.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, including a Twitter page dedicated to boycotting United. I doubt the airline will have to worry about being overbooked anytime in the near future.

Hasn't anyone at United heard about the 'friendly skies?" There was nothing friendly about this incident that should end with the doctor suing the pants off the airline.

I don't know about you but I will never, NEVER, fly on United.


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