Rascal Flatts revealed a whole lot in a quick five-question video interview. The trio shared that they may have a new album out this year, which isn't shocking since the Flatts tend to release music in prolific fashion.

They also offered their thoughts on sampling music and on a possible return to the genre by former tourmate Jessica Simpson, who released one country album in 2008. Things get interesting and circular in this chat, that's for sure.

Regarding the new album, the band shares that they are almost done getting things together. "We are listening to some rough mixes, and we still got some work to do, but we couldn't be more exited about the new album," Gary LeVox reveals. "I am not sure when it's going to come out. Maybe fourth quarter?"

So we might indeed have a new Flatts collection this year, which would follow up 2012's 'Changed.'

When asked about sampling songs, the threesome said they don't have any plans to do so for the new album. They joked that Brad Paisley is B. Diddy, since he is deft with his use of samples in his songs.

The boys also joked about what makes a song a "country" song, saying it has a handful of essentials that includes a truck, a barn, some Daisy Dukes cutoff shorts and beer.

Speaking of Daisy Dukes, which is the role Simpson played in big screen version of 'The Dukes of Hazzard,' the Flatts were asked what they think about her making a country comeback after attempting one album in the genre and then fading out. The boys recalled the singer and reality star opening for them on tour and while they loved having her out, LeVox noted that it's tough to make a second impression on country crowds.

"In our business, it's out of sight, out of mind," he astutely points out. "If she was to try and come back, I'd wish her the best. But it's difficult to step back into the game."

Jay DeMarcus interjected here to say that answer was LeVox's way of politely saying "No," to which Joe Don Rooney replied, "Sample that."

How's that for coming full circle in five questions?

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