Most people think of Twitter imposters as an irritant. For Randy Houser, they're a tragedy waiting to happen that led to a call from the FBI.

The "No Stone Unturned" singer recently visited with Taste of Country Nights to talk about his new Magnolia movie, the complementary feature to his critically acclaimed Magnolia album. The wide-ranging conversation started with baby talk and included the full story behind a fake Randy Houser Twitter account that ended awfully for one poor woman.

Remember, if there's no blue checkmark next to the handle, you're probably not talking to the real person, and no country artist will ask you for money via social media, if at all.

"I had the FBI contact me one time about a lady that, apparently one of these accounts had been talking to her for a while, and they had this relationship going through Twitter or something like that and her husband died — this is sad," Houser says. "Her husband died, she got his life insurance and had given like 90 grand ($90,000) to this guy."

Watch as the singer explains how the FBI came to his management with questions, all of which he was willing to answer to the best of his ability. Social media imposters are a problem that is easy to shrug or laugh off, but Houser says so often, the victims are sad and lonely women.

"I hate to put a gender on, but that's who they're targeting in my case," he explains.

That portion of the interview begins at roughly 4:40. Both the Magnolia movie and album are available now. His Magnolia Tour begins in October.

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