Homeless advocates are standing up after a Dunkin Donuts employee was caught on video pouring ice water down a sleeping man's back in Syracuse.

Jeremy Dufresne is seen in a Facebook video, posted by Samuel Breazeale, napping on a table at the Salina Street Dunkin, when an employee pours a pitcher of ice water down his back. "How many times I've got to tell you to stop sleeping in here," the employee is heard saying, while another laughs in the background.

When Al-amin Muhammad, an advocate for the homeless in Syracuse, saw the viral video, he went down to Dunkin to talk with the manager about the incident, but says the manager wasn't in yet. "If she doesn't contact me by noon, I'm sorry but we going to have people boycott this place," said Muhammad.

Muhammad called for a peaceful protest outside the store to show 'Homeless Lives Matter.' Several advocates showed up with signs, standing up for Youngs and the homeless community.

Breazeale has started a Go Fund Me campaign to raise enough money to buy Youngs dry clothes and a new phone charger.

The employees in the video were fired after an investigation into the viral video.

This makes my blood boil! Why would anyone think it's okay to treat another human this way? And then to laugh? There's nothing funny about it. It's cruel on so many levels and it's unacceptable.

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