There are few creatures that define majestic more than the American Bald Eagle.  And the more you know about them, the more majestic they become.

Eagle aficionado and devoted photographer, Willam Straite from Prospect, has been kind enough to share his knowledge and superb pictures of the American symbol with us.

First a little about Mr. Straite. He's retired after spending more than 30 years in law enforcement and over 35 as a paramedic. His time is now spent afield, 30 hours a week in fact, catching some amazing shots of wildlife.

William has a passion for eagles and tells us they mate for life. The pictures below, show two sets of husband and wives. The pair on the crossbar are quite well known as, Mr. and Mrs. Peebles from Peebles State Park in Cohoes. The other pair have been a couple for many years.

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New York's Majestic Eagles

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