You have to make hay when the sun shines.  So, I guess it makes sense you have to practice ice rescues when there's ice.

Hats off to these First Responders at Sylvan Beach. They not only put their lives on the line in times of peril, but train in dangerous situations too.

In our weekly feature, First Responder Friday, we highlight the men and women keeping us safe and responding to help in our darkest moments.  Their stories often feature their daring rescues and community involvement. But there are countless hours spent raising money to keep their departments properly equipped, like chicken BBQ's, car shows, golf tournaments, and even gong door to door collecting donations. And we still haven't mentioned training.

This is another example of their great sacrifices.  At a time when most of us are at home in the comfy chair, clicking through TV channels and complaining there's nothing on, they're jumping into a frozen lake. Practicing and preparing so when the time comes they are ready.

I'm not sure how many quotes actor Dean Cain is known for, but none could be any truer than this one:(compliments of Brainy

Real heroes don't wear capes. Real superheroes wear uniforms and badges and stethoscopes! Real superheroes are members of our military, law enforcement, and first responders. Pretend superheroes wear capes!

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